How It Works

1. Select body part

Select the affected body part using the intuitive DoggyDoc touch-interface.

2. Select symptoms

Select the symptoms you observed from a list of possible symptoms.

3. DoggyDoc determines possible diseases

Our artificial intelligence based virtual diagnosis system calculates possible diseases and displays them ordered by probability.

4. Get detailed information on diseases

Get detailed information on the diseases cause, course, therapy and emergency measures.

What Makes It So Awesome

DoggyDoc is your first stop when you suspect that your dog has health problems.

DoggyDoc is always there for your dog - wherever you are, 24/7.

Developed by artificial intelligence cooperation with experienced veterinarians.

The fastest way to get information on your dog's health.

Includes comprehensive, easy-to-understand explanations of all canine diseases.

Stop searching the internet for hours - find all the information you need at DoggyDoc.

Improve the accuracy of the diagnosis by entering more symptoms.

DoggyDoc helps you recognize your dog's diseases and take appropriate steps.

* DoggyDoc is for informational purposes only and is in no way intended to replace medical examination or diagnosis of the dog by a trained and licensed veterinarian in case of a disease.