Acute gastritis describes a quickly developing inflammation of the stomach mucosa. In contrast with food intoxication, which displays nearly identical symtoms, the alterations persist for at least 48 hours.


Urgency level 3


Danger level 3


The primary symptom of an acute gastritis is constant vomiting that lasts for several days. Appetite is usually reduced. The general condition can be impaired but doesn't have to be in all cases. Trembling, salivation, increased thirst and sometimes fever are common symptoms as well. In case of multiple gastric bleedings the vomit might be interfused with bloody streaks (without prior feeding) or look black rather than red (with prior feeding, also known as "coffee ground" vomit). Affected dogs often eat a lot of grass and yawn more frequently. If the acute gastritis is not complete healed it can become chronic. In this case the gastro-intestinal problems persist and frequent vomiting can occur for weeks or even months.


An acute gastritis can be provoked by means of numerous factors. It is distinguished between a primary gastritis and a secondary gastritis. In the first case, the events of the disease developed in the organ itself. As activator infectious agents (e.g. those of the canine parvovirosis), poisoning, foreign matters and food allergens are to be considered. With the secondary gastritis, a dysfunction of another organ (system) exists, which also affects the craw. Particularly liver and kidney disorders, but also stress conditions, circulatory problems and metabolic disorders (e.g. diabetes mellitus) may play a role here.


At first it must be determined by means of close clinical examination whether other diseases are involved in the symptomatology. Otherwise the diagnosis of gastritis can be made with the aid of the method of elimination. For light diseases, in many cases spontaneous remission after feed reduction or withdrawal is possible. These measures should, however, not be taken by the owner itself, but always in consultation with a veterinarian. In more severe cases and with secondary gastritis, a medicinal treatment is indispensable. Particularly anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics may have an advantageous effect here.

Emergency measures

The transition between an uncomplicated feeding stuff intoxication and gastritis is to be considered as smooth. In general, you can assume as rule of thumb, that when vomiting persists for more than two days or appears in connection with heavier symptoms, the consultation of a veterinarian is recommended as soon as possible. The nutritional measures of the following advice section may result in amelioration in case of such a disease.

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