Callus - an area of hardened and thickened skin - may appear on the elbow or other parts of the body of a dog as a result of increased friction.


Urgency level 3


Danger level 1


Callus from lying mostly evolve on the elbows, partly also on the knee or on the metacarpal or metatarsal joints. Above all, dogs are affected which stay the night in doghouses or kennels, or which frequently lie on hard or rough surfaces. Overweight dogs or large breeds of dogs are also predisposed for this disease. The lesions (impairments) are mostly as large as 1 € coins, bald and show a grayish, brittle or crusty skin surface.


Due to the mechanical stress, the skin develops increasingly keratinized layers.


Callosities from lying are merely a cosmetic issue. They do not cause any irritations for the dog and therefore do generally not require any treatment. Possibly, secondary infections may develop which are to be treated with antibiotics.

Emergency measures

Weight reduction or a soft mat at the resting area help to prevent callosities.

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